Friday, December 2, 2016

Looking for the Meadow Room

As mentioned in our previous blog post, a group of children have been hunting tirelessly for the old Meadow Room. Two Rainbow Room children's older siblings were students in that classroom, so we know it once existed. But what happened to it? (For those of you relatively new to our school, the preschool used to have a fourth classroom, called the Meadow Room).

Anna has been meeting with a small group of children to figure out this dilemma: how can a classroom just disappear? The children researchers know that the space is still there- after all, that's our current movement studio. But the idea of the Meadow Room, its original identity, must be out in the world somewhere. Perhaps the children are demonstrating disequilibrium about this identity change? Or uncertainty about why or how something can fundamentally change? (And is the search becoming the real goal for this group- with all its mystery and excitement?)

The small group took a research expedition to the third floor, or attic, too see if they could find the Meadow Room. A "secret door" was detected in the ceiling. Anna found out that Pippin is the only person who can access this door. The group started to wonder if the Meadow Room, with its teachers, chairs, and stationary bicycle, were actually located behind this secret door.
On Thursday, Pippin showed us what was behind this door. There was no Meadow Room classroom, but instead Pippin showed us something unexpected:
Our school's technical expert Melissa set up an Ipad with video

The whole Rainbow Room came to see what was behind
the secret door.

We could see what Pippin saw from inside the door.
The attic-style door opened to a ladder

The secret door actually opens up to the roof!

Pippin's video showed us the roof, treetops, blue sky, and the garden

Where will we search for the Meadow Room next?

For more in-depth reading about young children and place, here is a link to Anna's insightful thinking:

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